Thursday, November 19, 2009

Secrets to Super Natural Immunity

WAIT! Before you’re scared into believing you’re at risk for getting the H1N1 flu, read this article on the realities of natural prevention and super food immune support. You may find that probiotics, a healthy diet and plenty of rest are the best ways to boost your immunity and protect yourself.

If you’re among the many who are worried about the flu this season, you have probably read a lot on this topic already. But I’m certain you’ll appreciate the following tips on how to naturally support and boost your immune system using powerful food solutions.

5 Super Natural Ways to Strengthen Your Immunity and Prevent Flu:

  1. Consume Probiotic-rich Fermented Foods and Beverages

    Probiotic Rich YogurtThe best way to boost immunity for the flu season (and all year round) is to introduce naturally fermented foods into your diet. The probiotics (healthy or beneficial bacteria) found in these foods are far more effective than any supplement.

    A new study published in Pediatrics shows that a daily dose of probiotics may reduce the incidence of cold and flu-like symptoms in children by 50 percent.

    If your new to a natural whole foods diet, or don’t have time to ferment at home, I highly recommend you stock up on naturally-fermented or cultured fruits, vegetables & drinks such as unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, sauerkraut, coconut kefir or kombucha soda. Just 2 oz. per day is all you need to boost immunity.

  2. Pay Attention to Your Vitamin D

    Vitamin D influences immunity and is best taken in a supplement form in conjunction with food sources such as organic butter, eggs & wild fish. Adequate vitamins A and D have been strongly associated with flu prevention and better outcomes in studies (see Vitamin D council website). A good prevention strategy is 1 tsp. of High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil and 2,000-5,000 IU Vitamin D3 per day during the winter season. Starting right now!

  3. Eat a Healthy Whole Foods Diet and Avoid Sugar

    Local Greens
    Super natural immunity begins with the bounty of nature (whole or unprocessed). First choice should always be what’s fresh, local and seasonal.

    Then get cooking with quality Unrefined fats (i.e. virgin coconut oil, organic butter or cold-pressed olive oil) and natural Unrefined seasonings (i.e. “Le Paludier” sea salt).

    Word to the wise… remember to limit the white stuff as well, 1 tsp. of refined white sugar has been shown to suppress your immune system for up to 5 hours!

  4. Get Plenty of Sleep and Reduce Stress

    Surf with Friends

    A good night’s sleep strengthens your adrenals. Strong adrenals are essential for creating the energy to run your body on each day, managing stress and to fight an infection.

  5. Support Your Body’s Natural Detoxification Systems

    Lemons and WaterThere are many benefits to cleansing toxins or pathogens naturally. If you feel like you are coming down with the flu, be sure to include plenty of the following foods; filtered water with lemon, chlorophyll-rich foods (dark leafy greens, seaweeds & green herbs), berries (especially elderberry), fresh ginger and turmeric.
So if you want to stay healthy this flu season, you can start by following the steps above. Concentrate on boosting your immunity with a healthy whole foods diet which includes plenty of naturally-fermented probiotic-rich foods.

Don’t panic or let the media scare you. Instead learn everything you can about the realities of the flu . And above all, Prevention is Key… and that means healthy diet, good attitude and balanced lifestyle. Exhaustion, fear and anxiety weaken your immune system so don’t work yourself into the ground or let fear and anxiety build up in your body!

Hopefully, the flu won’t be a reality for you this winter. Either way, start building your immunity NOW with a healthy kick start and rest easy knowing you’ve given your body a leg up on good health.

© Judy Chambers RNCP, CPT
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